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Tips For Vacationing With Your Dogs

Stay safe and courteous when sharing your next trip with your pup.

In the vehicle:​​

In the Hotel

  • When you arrive, check the floor carefully for medication. Dangerous pills are often dropped under the bed or behind nightstands.

  • If your dog will spend time on the bed, use a blanket to guard against fur.

  • Don’t leave your pets in the room unattended.  This is against most hotels’ pet policies.

  • Be mindful of people and dogs you encounter in the hallways and elevator. As hard as it is to believe, not everyone wants to say hi to our pets!

  • Pick up after your dog. People who don’t scoop poop are a major reason why many hotels start banning pets.

In Parks

  • Abide by park leash laws, as tempting as it is to let your dogs run around outside.

  • Don’t leave bagged poop on the side of the trail. Even biodegradable bags take a long time to degrade. It’s preferable to carry out the bag until you see a trash can or burry the poop (without the bag) off the trail.

  • Follow trail etiquette, such as yielding to passing hikers and keeping your pup close and under control.


  • Before you leave on your trip, make sure microchips and identification tags are updated with your current cell phone number since that will be your main point of contact.

  • Carry a photo of your dogs so that you have it handy in case one of them gets lost.

  • Look up the closest emergency hospital to the hotels you’ll be staying at along the way. This way you’re not scrambling to find a veterinarian if something happens.

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